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*By default, mIRC saves its settings in an "mIRC" folder in the Windows Users folder.

In Windows 7/8, the path to the folder will look something like C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\mIRC*

I tried using the info in the "move to a new computer" thread but I have no C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\mIRC folder
Enter this into mIRC, it should tell you where the folder is.
//echo -a $mircdir
Are you saying you can't find the Roaming folder, or that roaming doesn't have the folder? From within mIRC, this shows the exact folder name where mirc.ini is located, and is the folder your quote was intended to find:

//echo -a $mircdir

It's possible for this folder to be somewhere else, because if you install mIRC into C:\MIRC\ and had moved the mirc.ini there before starting the program, then it uses that folder instead of roaming.
With mIRC running, just type /run .

slash RUN space dot
Thanks to all, I did find the necessary folder and copied the files. Unfortunately it isn't reading the the color scheme I was using, or the notifications or ignores. Those would be in the Marc.ini file, right?
The /notify list and the colors are in mirc.ini, so if you're not seeing the colors, and if "/notify -l" doesn't list anything, it's using the wrong mirc.ini. You can look at the timestamp of the mirc.ini to get an idea of the last time mirc used it. If you have the /notify list but not the colors, you may have the correct mirc.ini but haven't chosen your customized scheme in the Alt+K dialog.

The ignores and other address book items are in control.ini, which would have been in the same folder with mirc.ini.

You can't copy mirc.ini into the correct folder and expect mirc to use it while mirc.exe is already running. When mIRC starts up and you haven't used a command-line switch, it uses the mirc.ini in the roaming\mirc\ folder unless there's a mirc.ini in the same folder with mirc.exe. But you shouldn't have mirc.ini in the same folder with mirc.exe if you've installed into c:\program files\ because those are supposed to be read-only folders.
the mirc app is installed in the C:\Program Files (x86)

the alias.ini perform.ini popups.ini files are in the C:\Users\Daily\AppData\Roaming\mIRC\scripts folder

where should the other ini files be?

sorry to be so confusing but this is a lot more difficult than I expected moving from pc to pc to be
mIRC is using AppData\Roaming\mIRC\, and that's the folder where mirc.ini should be located. If you use notepad to view the contents, you'll see that the filenames you described as being in AppData\Roaming\mIRC\scripts\ are mentioned there, having a path that's relative to the mirc.ini folder, listed like scripts\popups.ini.
You won't find control.ini mentioned there, so that means it's looking in the same folder where mirc.ini is located.

If you are running the mIRC on the old computer, this shows all the *.ini files in the mirc.ini folder plus 1 level deeper.

//echo -a $findfile($mircdir,*.ini,0,2,echo -a $1-)

You may see some of these files in a \defaults\ folder, but those aren't what you want, as they would have old timestamps probably from when you last installed.

The " /run . " command shown by Raccoon, when used in the old pc's mIRC, opens an Explorer window showing the files in the folder where mirc.ini should be located, sorted the way the files were sorted the last time you used explorer in that folder.

The UserID path you show has 'Daily' in it, so that's the login-ID where this mIRC is installed, if you have installed mIRC under several usernames, it could be in

C:\Users\ SOMETHING-ELSE \AppData\Roaming\mIRC\
Still screwing around with this. It won't read the mirc.ini file thats in the roaming folder, wouldn't read any of the things listed under /notify... so I added the names under notify from the old mirc.ini file and pasted them into the new one, it still doesn't read them. same for colors. I'm lost
I guess I'm gonna have to type each of them in by hand all over again... it's not supposed to be this difficult
jerod: It sounds like you may have multiple mirc.ini files bouncing around on your system. This was probably explained before, but here it is for clarity.

RULE 1: If mirc.exe and mirc.ini exist in the same folder touching each other, THEN the install directory will be used and your roaming directory will not be used.

RULE 2: If mirc.exe and mirc.ini are not touching, then the roaming folder will be used.

Scan your harddrive for locations of mirc.ini and make sure they are situated where you want them to be.
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