The /notify list and the colors are in mirc.ini, so if you're not seeing the colors, and if "/notify -l" doesn't list anything, it's using the wrong mirc.ini. You can look at the timestamp of the mirc.ini to get an idea of the last time mirc used it. If you have the /notify list but not the colors, you may have the correct mirc.ini but haven't chosen your customized scheme in the Alt+K dialog.

The ignores and other address book items are in control.ini, which would have been in the same folder with mirc.ini.

You can't copy mirc.ini into the correct folder and expect mirc to use it while mirc.exe is already running. When mIRC starts up and you haven't used a command-line switch, it uses the mirc.ini in the roaming\mirc\ folder unless there's a mirc.ini in the same folder with mirc.exe. But you shouldn't have mirc.ini in the same folder with mirc.exe if you've installed into c:\program files\ because those are supposed to be read-only folders.