Just a heads-up that this new update seems to break existing setups if you are a user that connects to a passworded server.

It seems the new update doesn't properly migrate the server passwords, probably an effect of the changes related to authentication (the addition of the new password field meant for services authentication).

The effect of this I have seen is that with existing users coming from 7.48, the server password is now filled into the newly added password field meant for services authentication, and the actual server password field is now empty. Luckily its a simple fix by blanking that password field, and putting the password in the correct field.

If your network supports SASL, you may also want to take this opportunity to migrate to the newly added SASL settings and configure your services credentials now as well and get that over with. If you were for example still using the perform-on-connect settings to do NickServ authentication, this can now be removed in favor of the new settings. smile