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Killing off the spaces of 1.5k songs would take some time
If you are talking about editing the space in a file or in a data storage in mIRC, by another characters, it can be done programmatically, it wouldn't take time at all.

Do you have a link to a guide for that for me? =)
Or is there a shortcut (like Ctrl+H) for it. I'd just edit all of the files then I guess and use it like that.

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I don't think you can 'connect' Excel and IRC, can you?
As in let IRC fill in and retrieve the info?
You can use COM object to communicate with an excel application, I'm not so sure about what you can do exactly and/or if you could do what you're looking for though, never looked into it, I don't have excel.

Already looked into the Com thing a bit, but I'm not sure as to how I'd do that exactly with a specific file.
A friend of mine told me that his brother does have some programming experience, though he doesn't know which languages he specifies in. I might talk to him, see if he does know a solution for that, but if the first one works, then there might not be a need for it.

Thanks so much for your help, hehe!
I just do some programming here and there and it's really great when someone can help you to find some solutions. smile

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