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Why not just create a unique identifier for the song and its values, you could use something along thing lines of $md5(songname - artist), $hash, $sha1, etc.

The titles of said files are already like that "In the end - Linkin Park" (so storing it this way would end with a lot more work :p) and I would also prefer to have them in .ini files, because it's just a lot cleaner, when it comes to storing multiple people. Will use this method if all else fails though, thanks!

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*nod* and even replacing spaces with underscores might suffice already, while keeping the item names a bit more human-readable..

Was actually planning on using _s , but for that I'd need to know how I can configure the name of multiple files at once.^^
I feel like this will be the easiest method and it also brings me closest to my initial goal.

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