Right now I'm trying to design a script where the bot will output the current song playing into a .ini file and people can rate the song.
However MIRC will always cut the songname/artits (basically I have my songs structured like "songname - artist") and the main issue comes in when I have a song with a lot of spaces (f.ex. "In the end - Linkin Park".

Is it possible to make it write:
[In the end - Linkin Park]
Vijoplays = 3

(3 being the rating, VijoPlays being the name of myself)?

Without it it would look like this:
the = end Linkin Park VijoPlays 3

P.S.: I'm sorry if this is supposed to be in the Script/Help thing, but since there's no need for a full script, I figured it'd fit more into this one.
Also, I am glad about any help, it's much appreciated!

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