definatly has something to do with SSL connections.

i can connect to many non ssl ports just fine
after i connect to non ssl ports i can connect to the first SSL port connection but the next connection uses the SSL ports number i used last.


first i
connect to server1 on port 6667 connects

then i connect to the next server

connect to server2 on port 6668 connects

i now connect to

server3 on port +7777 connects

i now am connected to 3 servers

now i try to connect to

server4 on port +8888

it tries to connect to server4 using port +7777

if i try to connect to server5 on port 6669

it tries to connect to server5 on port +7777

from here its hit or miss if i can connect to other servers once i restart MIRC.

if i delete the host entry from mirc.ini it will still try to using the +7777 port on whichever server i wish to connect to.

if i change the host entry to another vaild server entry i can usualyy connect to that server.

it appears the MIRC is not reading the port # and updateing it correctly.