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I also noticed this with my HTTP-Check script (checks an URL and tells me the title, or whether it redirects to a potentially dangerous site).

6.35 was pretty quick, 7.1 takes considerably longer. I also noticed this with /dns queries, so I think it might be related to that (remember that IPv6 is now available from within mIRC).

UPnP is disabled, all ports in the configuration are unchecked, and I don't have a firewall that could affect this.

Could you tell us the result when you execute the following code, both in 6.35 and in 7.1

alias test_socket {
  set -e %socket_time $ticks
  sockopen test_socket www.google.com 80 
on *:sockopen:test_socket:{
  echo -a Time: $calc(($ticks - %socket_time) / 1000) seconds
  unset %socket_time 
  if ($sockerr > 0) {
    echo -a Connection failed: $sockerr / $sock($sockname).wsmsg
  echo -a Connection successful
  sockclose $sockname

Usage /test_socket