Hi all,

I have just noticed that my sockets are taking ages to open. I then realised it is only since I downloaded the new version. I have used this code on mIRC 6.35 and on mIRC 7.1 and got two vastly different results.

alias test_socket {
  set -e %socket_time $ticks
  sockopen test_socket www.google.com 80 
on *:sockopen:test_socket:{ 
  echo $color(info) -a It took  $calc(($ticks - %socket_time) / 1000) seconds for $sockname to open.
  unset %socket_time 
  sockclose $sockname

mIRC 7.1 returned It took 15.031 seconds for test_socket to open.

mIRC 6.35 returned It took 0.078 seconds for test_socket to open.

I find it very troubling, and wonder what the problem could be.