Thank you very much for your answer, much appreciated. And also a huge thank you for picking up the Fish project, the method of no need for patching the mIRC exe is a great improvement.

I am using a spanking new blow.ini and not an old one. In fact it is the blow.ini supplied in your packagage. I have been using right click context menu though, but i will replace the blow.ini with your one and not right click again to see if it works. I personally think this needs to be fixed in future versions.

Encrypted topic, yes, it is in a channel prefixed by a LI', like #LI'#channelname. This is because i am using psybnc and connects to more than one network at a time. They have to be distinguished from each other, hence the LI' (for Linknet btw)

The channel topic starts with the first example "+OK ..."

Greetings from a very grateful Fish 10 user!