re: crypt mark, let me quote from the README file:


If you continue to use your old blow.ini file, and have been using a non-ANSI-compatible crypt
mark (such as the default middot ""), using any right click menu from within mIRC will convert
your blow.ini file from ANSI to UTF-8 which will effectively destroy FiSH 10's ability to
properly read it. If enough people complain, I'll add a work-around.

You can also prefix all [#channel] and [nick] entries in your blow.ini file with the network name as shown in mIRC's tree bar, e.g. [EFNet:#channel] [EFNet:nick] and add no_legacy=1 to the [FiSH] section to get it working.

Also in the next version, you'll be able to use $chr(8226) in mark_encrypted in blow.ini. It's already coded, just need to upload the DLL.

re: topics: Do the channel names look any different than #channel? (e.g. &channel)? Topic decryption is not yet support in those channels. Thanks!
Also, do the not-undecrypted topics start with "+OK ..." or "+OK *..."?

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