Likewise to me,
a) If no bg color for some text is given, one can asume that identical colors of text and $color(back) are by accident, and apply the feature.
b) If the text has bg coloring, one can assume that identical colors are indeed intended, and keep the display as-is.
I don't see a need for a general switch (options checkbox) plus $identifier, nor the need for switches for /echo and /aline either, if the feature will account for b).

My "bug" report was only about /drawtext - as you may have not 2-3 but an infinite no. of color "layers" in a picwin. In addition, /drawtext is imho not used incidentally but by "advanced" scripts. At least to a high degree one can assume any color overlaps are "intended" here.
And the possible switch for /drawtext you brought up would comfortably allow scripters to display their text visible even if they don't want to /drawfill or the like a specific color first, but use the window's default bg color.