Nope, but it depends on your $color(background). smile
Note that I didn't change the colors of the palette itself, I only picked a different color for "background" at view > color.
The behaviour is in some way related to aforesaid new feature. But, in my opinion, that feature must not affect /draw* at all.

If you got white (00) for "background" (not at /drawfill - in the dialog), it will drawtext 00 in $color(normal) and 01 in black. If you set a black (01) BG, it will drawtext 00 in white and 01 in $color(normal). And if you picked red (04) as your background color, it will drawtext 00 as white, 01 as black but... you guess right: not red for 04, but $color(normal).
Note that $color(normal) again may digress from the color you picked - if it's the same as $color(background). Example: if (for whatever reason) you set "normal text" and "background" both to white, mIRC attempts to draw the text in a readable way. The result ironically is quite the contrary: /drawtext 00 won't draw in "white" or "black" but in grey (15) - the very grey of the box in my example script laugh

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