Far as I am concerned, it's unwanted for text as well. If I want something to be "hidden", it should be possible. If the foreground and background colors are specified, then it's meant to be the same and mIRC shouldn't try to "fix" what is done on purpose.

Example of usage:
Trivia scripts sometimes place random "hidden" characters between words to help prevent cheating. Yes, those can be bypassed, but it takes a little more knowledge to do so, so it does cut down on it.

Creating a bar of some sort can be done by using a "hidden" character repeated over and over. This one can be done by using control characters that aren't visible, but doubles the length of the line because you have to use a control character between every space.

When using hotlinking, if you need to hotlink multiple words and don't want a space between the words to be unclickable, you can "hide" a character between the words. That lets you click anywhere, including between the words and it's not visible unless highlighted/copied.

There are other reasons why you'd want to have the same foreground and background colors. Having this be a setting or switch or whatever is not a good idea either. Yes, a setting or switch is fine locally. But when sending something over the network (/msg, /say, etc), you can end up showing really messed up text that many users won't have any idea how to fix (such as for those trivia scripts).

I really strongly recommend NOT trying to fix what we purposely do.

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