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Thats your opinion. smile You cannot compare mIRC to MS Office. Can you run Office from a memory stick without installing it?

1. This is getting grossly off-topic. Just a hint, or a suggestion...
2. You still haven't answered my question, which questions the relevance of this apparent solution.
3. I have a memory stick that is 16GB.

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Why was this feature allowed if it is so bad?

It's not so much "allowed if it is so bad" as "vaguely supported due to past development". I wouldn't be all that crushed if Khaled were to cripple this feature, because I've had absolutely no problems running mIRC properly with multiple users. In the coming years I expect it, because Microsoft is moving on...

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People who manage multiple users can deal with their own issues or ask for help. This thread has nothing to do with people who have multiple user profiles.

I agree. This brings me back to my initial, unanswered question.

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I do not provide a shortcut. I provide script files and mirc.ini in the same directory.

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I disagree. I currently have 7 different folders for 7 different users on one of the computers in my house (running Windows7 and all are mIRC6.35). Each folder has it's own mirc-username.exe (copied from an install folder that is not used), and all of these copies have their own settings, and scripts. NONE of them use the AppData folder, as all are created in the root directory (C:\mirc-username for each).

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Oh, you misunderstand me.

Not user groups. Different people all over the world.

Regardless, these posts have the same issue. I noticed DK has already mentioned it. When a new version of mIRC is released, you now have 7 copies to update. This is merely annoying.

Aside from this, a properly secured Windows environment shouldn't extend write permissions for underprivileged users beyond their "home directory", and should only use Administrator access to install software and device drivers to the appropriate area (rule of least privilege DK mentioned). If this model is strictly adhered to, hacker, viral and badware attacks can be kept from reigning supreme with no more than a firewall. If you allow writing of new files (scripts, downloads) to the mIRC program files directory the "welcome home" mat for a potential virus/hacker attack widens. This is far more annoying, because as well as having 7 home directories to search for compromisation, you now have 7 mIRC directories too.

Security is not difficult to provide, and it can be provided with expected functionality at the same time.

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