For the people who only run one mirc ever, the new default is fine.

For others who run multiple instances of mIRC or have issues with the file path, as this person obviously is, I suggest keeping the mirc's individual.

Don't think of it as reverting back win95. Insinuating that this method is old and crappy, like Win95, is wrong. I never suggested he run mIRC from the program files directory. If it were a practice you could equate to Win95 why would Khaled make sure to include it?

The reason is for people who run multiple mirc's. Also, I never liked having my files in some different folder. I like to have my files in the same directory or subdirectory as mirc.exe is in. I;ve had nothing but trouble trying to run mirc with scripts and variables in a different directory. I run 2 or 3 different mirc's with another for testing. I don't want them to share variables.

For those who run one instance of mirc and only use mirc features the default method is fine. And really, how many people have multiple user accounts that all use mirc? I know of no one in the 7 years I've been messing with mIRC. Not saying it isn't possible.

The issue he is describing, entering code into the remote editor but not seeing the results of my changes in mirc, sound like the same issues myself and friends have had with storing the scripts and such in a central directory as default now does.