I did copied it 2 times and still have the same outcome...idk if it could be a server side issue or not. Sexnet is kinda weird with the chanserv name being sexgod and stuff like that. But when i enter a room with say 8 users and go to the menu and select say hello or goodbye to all 8 users it does this.

[5:38pm] heh (~Whatever@horny-5AF0AC0C.res-cmts.snh.ptd.net) has joined. «10 people»
[5:38pm] <@R2Dildo> hi heh
[5:40pm] heh (~Whatever@horny-5AF0AC0C.res-cmts.snh.ptd.net) has parted. «9 people»
[7:52pm] <ToRmEnTeD> See you later KooKyGuY and SPunKBubble
[7:55pm] <ToRmEnTeD> .

This shows it not saying hello to R2dildo ..but there was 6 other users it skipped also so idk?

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