This one's a bit more elaborated, but uses the same method: loop $nick($chan,N) to create a string of nicknames.
You may use the channel-popup or call the command "/greetall" on your own. For the command, you can use either "/greetall <my greet message>" or "/greetall" (to get an input prompt).
Hope the comments are of use... smile

menu channel {
  $iif(($calc($nick($chan,0) -1)),Greet all $v1 users of $chan)
  ."Hello" : greetall Hello
  ."See you later" : greetall See you later
  .<other> : greetall

alias greetall {
  ; ---- SETUP START ----
  ; add nicks (e.g. of Bots) you want to exclude after "$me" (separated by spaces)
  var %exclude = $me
  ; delay in ms for multiple lines (to prevent flood in case a long greeting / a greeting of many nicks exceeds a line length of aprox. 260 chars)
  var %delay = 500
  ; ---- SETUP END ----

  ; active window is a joined channel
  if ($me ison $active) { 
    ; there are other users in the channel
    if ($calc($nick($active,0) -1)) {

      ; prompt for greet message (if no message provided as parameter of the alias)
      var %t = $v1, %greeting = $$iif(($1- != $null),$v1,$input(Enter greet message:,eog,Greet all %t users of channel $active,Hello))
      ; make sure the tempfile is empty
      write -c greetall.txt

      ; loop all nicknames - build a string of nicknames
      var %n = 1, %nickstring
      while ($nick($active,%n)) {
        var %nick = $v1
        ; don't greet yourself or nicknames specified above
        if (!$istok(%exclude,%nick,32)) {
          ; add this nickname to the string
          var %nickstring = %nickstring %nick
          ; greeting+string reached a certain length (avoid a too long line)
          if ($len(%greeting %nickstring) > 250) { 
            ; write this line to the tempfile "greetall.txt", the line will be "greet message" + "formatted string of nicks"
            ; formatting: insert 1) "and" as second-last word and 2) commas after nicknames, up to the second-last nickname
            write greetall.txt %greeting $+ $chr(15) $iif(($numtok(%nickstring,32) == 1),%nickstring, $&
              $replace($gettok(%nickstring,1--2,32),$chr(32),$+($chr(44),$chr(32))) and $gettok(%nickstring,-1,32))
            ; clear string
            var %nickstring
        inc %n

      ;  if nicks are left in the string: write line to tempfile
      if (%nickstring) {
        write greetall.txt %greeting $+ $chr(15) $iif(($numtok(%nickstring,32) == 1),%nickstring, $&
          $replace($gettok(%nickstring,1--2,32),$chr(32),$+($chr(44),$chr(32))) and $gettok(%nickstring,-1,32))

      ; play tempfile (send greetings to the channel) and remove it
      .play -p $active greetall.txt $iif((%delay isnum 0-),$int($v1),500)
      .remove greetall.txt

    ; there are no other users in the channel
    else { echo -agc info * /greetall: Taking care of yourself? o_O }
  ; active window is no joined channel
  else { echo -agc info * /greetall: Cannot greet here ( $+ $active is not a joined channel) }

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