Hi, sorry for my delayed response here...

What I wanted was an alias prompted script that would do as your example #1, like:

Hello nick1, nick2, nick3, nick4

all on the same line, not separate lines, for everyone in the channel. Two other people in my channel have such a script, however they don't use mirc (the turds) and we cannot figure how to convert their scripts to mirc. And so yes, the ppl and the op's in there don't mind this kind of script being used.

Also need it to leave out my nick (so i dont say hello to myself) and not include the channel name and have it actually post in the channel itself. My feeble attempt to create this script resulted in all of the above.... I know not of what I do.
And if it could possibly leave out the bots in the room, that'd be great, but if not, that's ok.

Thanks again for your assist with this. I tried to hunt down this type of script in various places, but couldn't find any.