No, qwerty, what I keep telling you is that -0 can never be a final answer. Try to read me well.
If you want to be read well, you should write well. In response to Khaled, you said
You would stood safer if you said you're correcting it because minus zero does not exist in math, [...]
You had never said anything about a "final answer" up to that point (which was your 3rd post in this thread). The "final answer" is more recent nonsense that you came up with in your reply to starbucks_mafia. You have been pretty clearly suggesting that -0 is inherently invalid, not just that it's not as reduced as possible.

Anyway, I've done everything in my powers to get my point across, hoping that it was just a misunderstanding on your part. I now suspect that you've already got the point but your ego won't let you acknowledge this. This thread has already gone too far, so this is the last post from me in it.

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