but then theres alot of things that become more complex...

what if I have /foo* and /foobar, which would get called when user types /foobar

or perhaps some jerk who visited adds "alias * halt" to my remotes?

and then lets say I have an alias foo* and fooBar is called... how would I find "Bar"?
$1 ? - That would break all existing scripts
or perhaps $extension ? lol

I like the idea TBH, but I dont think it's worth it.
I mean it would break so much and slow down mIRC's input more than allready.

I don't think its a realistic option to implement IMHO.

I think the better solution would be something like:

//foo $+ $replacex(something with spaces here,$chr(32),\_,\,\\)

alias foo {
var %ext $replacex($1,\_,$chr(32),\\,\)
tokenize 32 $2-
echo -at Alias foo was called with extension %ext and contained: $1-

I only added the escaping so no one whinges about "what if I have spaces in it?" - even though an alias COULDNT currently support spaces.

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