Whether PHP or some other language, the point stands. mIRC is mIRC and not some other language. If Khaled started making mIRC do things found in one language, he'd soon have a lot of people asking for things from many different languages. Where would he draw the line? If he does it for one, why not the others? It may not sound so bad, but consider how sloppy that will make the mIRC scripting language if it starts trying to be a lot of different languages rather than just itself.

It's not just for PHP - and this particular thing I ask for is not even something PHP does. So, again, this is not something I'm asking for from PHP, I merely used my PHP-to-mIRC project as an example.

In XTZGZoReX's defence, his suggestion isn't actually based on something PHP already does.

What he wants is to be able to create an alias named /foo and be able to call it with /foobar, in much the same way as /timer can be called with /timername.

This idea would likely be quite difficult to implement and slow once implemented. I can't think of any situation where having it would be a significant advantage.

Completely 100% correct.


Actually it would be very easy for Khaled to implement the WSH scripting system as it's built into the OS. This gives both JavaScript and VBScript. And would offer a far better alternative to working w/ COM objects then present.

Well, sure, but here you're asking for something that wasn't the point at all; another language. The goal of this suggestion is not to get a second language implemented - thanks for the support though.

There are ways to do what you want in mIRC script. mIRC is not php. mIRC has its own way of doing things.. instead of changing mIRC to be more like php, change your own habits to be more like mIRC's... you'll find it works just fine

Again: This is not a PHP feature - PHP does not even support it. I only used my PHP-to-mIRC as an example.


And, of course, what would there be to tell mIRC what is the alias and what isn't? A script could have both /foo and /foobar as aliases (or separate scripts). It's not like you're making a program that runs on its own and you know exactly which commands (aliases) will be used, so can do something like that.

So what would happen if I made an alias like /timerHello and typed /timerHello 1 1 <stuff here> to call a timer? It's the same thing.

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