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You should not have to download and install anything if you are on XP or above.

Just a note on this. We had someone come into the Invision channel who couldn't play sounds/music who was using a European version of Windows XP that doesn't come installed with WMP due to anti-monopoly laws or whatever they're called. The person downloaded and installed WMP and suddenly the sound worked fine. Based on that, I'd say that if you have a version that does not come with WMP, you may also not have the appropriate codecs installed (at least with XP).

As far as the renaming goes, I agree. If it worked after renaming, it probably wasn't an MP3 to begin with. WMP will automatically try other codecs for you if the file you're trying to play doesn't play using the codec that matches the extension. mIRC doesn't try other codecs, it will just give you an error.

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