I have a very strange problem. I asked questions about this at the script forum but nobody seems to know the answer. The problem is that a certain mp3 player script acts differently on various PC's:
- I run Windows/ME, mIRC 6.17 and I can play mp3's with this script but no wma's. When I try to play wma, mIRC issues the error: "/splay unable to play file xxx.wma". It can find the file, but just cannot play it.
- Same problem exists at the PC of a friend of mine, who runs Windows/XP and mIRC 6.17.
- Other friends of mine use Windows/XP and mIRC 6.17 and they can play wma's but no mp3's. On playing mp3, mIRC says: "/splay unable to play file xxx.mp3"
- All of us can play mp3's and wma's with Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.
What can be wrong? In which cases does mIRC issue this "/splay unable to file" error? Btw, the playerscript we have, uses /splay - p filename and none of us use NTFS partitions.