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I don't really understand how to integrate this into the script I scraped up.
Riamus showed you how...
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/help $iif

If you're going to put it into a menu, you'll want to use $iif.

menu nicklist {
  $iif($1 == whatever,Show this menu option):Do this

Note that you can leave off the "false" part like I did if you don't need it to do something when it's not true.

I posted that after he showed me how, meaning I must still not understand.

So what don't you understand?
  • $iif($1 == whatever,Show this menu option):Do this

Change whatever to icybot
Change Show this menu option to what you want to eppear in the popup menu.
Change Do this to the command you want to perfom if you click on that menu item.

See /help popup menus for more info and examples, and /help $iif