Er... the $nick was just an example, really.


A. What's a hash table?
B. How do you create one of those nice clicky menus? I read the help file on popups, it went straight through one ear and out the other. That could be REALLY nice for sending certain information to my bot.


Okay, so I played with it, and I made this up:
..Cake:/msg $me You bake yourself a cake
..Ice Cream:/msg $me You serve yourself a bowl of ice cream
..Coke:/msg $me You hand yourself a Coke
..Sprite:/msg $me You hand yourself a Sprite

I put that in the "popups" tab, which I've never touched before. The name of the file in the popups tab was "status"

So I try it in the status window, worked pretty well, except for the fact that it /msg's itself twice instead of once. Oops, nevermind, that was me sending it to myself, and me receiving. -facepalm-

And it only works in the status window.


1.How do you make it work in any window?

2.How do you put a popup in the script?

3.How do you ask for data to be inputed in a popup?

4.How do you ask a series of questions and then perform one command with that data***

***: Example: I rightclick on the nickname "IcyBot" on the nicklist, and one of the options, below kick and ban and kickban and stuff, separated with a line (- on a line by itself, says helpfile) and the option is "Add a bar". So then, when I click that, a window comes up asking for the call up code and I input the data and press ok, then another comes up asking for the nickname and I input the data and press ok, and then another comes up asking for the bar, and when I press OK it sends a command to the bot with "!addbar $$1 $$2 $$3" or something like that.

I know, wall of text, but I kinda got excited. blush

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