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this should work, not tested tho;

; usage: /kb <nick> <reason(Optional)>

alias kb {
 .raw -q mode # +b $address($1,1) $crlf kick # $1 $iif($2,: $+ $2)

Would I be able to do


alias unban {
 .raw -q mode # -b $address($1,1) 

Edit: That works, but only if they're on the channel. o-0

Furthermore: /i /invite $$1 $1 # Would that invite the specified nick to the specified channel and invite the nick to the channel you're on if no channel is specified?

well, YES it only works if the nickname is on the channel (you can't retreive a nicknames address unless it's on the channel, i thought you knew that) wich - in turn - means NO you can't use the /unban alias coz "raw -q mode # -b $address($1,1)" means setting -b to an address of a nickname that's BANNED (so it ain't on the channel, so NO you can't operate -b on it's address)

about the invite alias, you could use this

; usage: /i <nickname> <#channel(optional)>
alias i { invite $1 $iif($2,$2,$chan) }

on me:*:JOIN:#: { .raw part # $crlf join # }