How do I remove the internal access list part of the /i alias so it will invite someone even if I don't share a channel with them? Is this it:

alias i {
; second parameter is a channel you're on: invite the user to that chan
if (#$2 ischan) { invite $1 #$2 }
; second parameter given, but it's no channel
elseif ($2) { echo -a Cannot invite $1 on $2 - $2 is no channel! }
; (no second parameter given) and typing the command in a channel window: invite the user to the active channel
elseif ($active ischan) { invite $1 $active }
; (no second parameter given) and typing the command in somo other window, e.g. status window
else { echo -a invite: neither is $active a channel; nor did you provide a channel to invite $1 }
; first parameter given, but it's not a user
elseif ($1) { echo -a invite: looks like $1 is no user sharing a channel with you! }
; no first parameter given
else { echo -a invite: no nickname given! }

For the /secure alias, since we can't integrate invalid channel and invalid permissions checking, is there anything I can do to make the script stop sending to ChanServ if something buggers up?

Also, what about the /aop alias? I think I'm pretty close, just need a titch more help.