/kb /mode # +b $1 | /kick # $1

Is what I have come up with, and it works like an absolute dream, except for the fact that it bans by nick instead of hostmask. I tried going to $mask and looking around /ban and decided /kb /mode # +b 4 $1 | /kick # $1 might work, because

0: *!user@host

1: *!*user@host

2: *!*@host

3: *!*user@*.host

4: *!*@*.host

5: nick!user@host

6: nick!*user@host

7: nick!*@host

8: nick!*user@*.host

9: nick!*@*.host

And 4 is the bantype I want.

And Wims + Horstl, thanks, but I really wanna figure this out as much as I can by myself. That's the only way to learn. I wanna start compeltly from scratch instead of using an already scripted /ban feature

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