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on *:join:#chan,#otherchan,...: {
  if ($nick(#,0) > $($+(%,peak.,$chan,.,$network),2)) {
    set $+(%,peak.,$chan,.,$network) $nick(#,0) $ctime

No that didn't work.

Second line works using:

if ($nick(#,0) >= $+(%,peak.,$chan.,$network)) {

Else it won't create the variable if it doesn't exist.

Edit: Well, scratch that too, it'll say there's a new record when there isn't one..

So I've tried using..

on *:join:#: {
  if ($+(%,peak.,$chan,.,$network) == $null) { /set $+(%,peak.,$chan,.,$network) $nick(#,0) $ctime }
  if ($nick(#,0) >= $+(%,peak.,$chan,.,$network)) {    
    /set $+(%,peak.,$chan,.,$network) $nick(#,0) $ctime
    var %value = $($+(%,peak.,$chan,.,$network),2)
    if (%value) {
      /echo $chan $+($date($gettok(%value,2,32),mmmm dd yyyy)), ( $+ $duration($calc($ctime - $gettok(%value,2,32)),2) ago), there is a channel record of $gettok(%value,1,32) users!

No luck. Ever channel join is a record...

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