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Wait a minute, topics can be bumped now?


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You'll noticed I added a ,.,$network after $chan.

In other words, I'm in several #mIRC or #lobby.

So the hash table one I kept for all channels undistinguished by network.

Here's an update for multiple networks.
on *:join:#:{
  if (!$hget(PeakStats)) {
    hmake PeakStats 100
    if ($isfile($scriptdir\PeakStats.hsh)) { hload PeakStats $scriptdir\PeakStats.hsh }
  var %chan.net = $+( $chan ,., $network)
  if ($nick(#,0) >= $hget(PeakStats,%chan.net) || !$hget(PeakStats,%chan.net)) {
    hadd PeakStats %chan.net $nick(#,0) $ctime
    hsave PeakStats $scriptdir\PeakStats.hsh

on *:text:!peak:#:{
  var %peak.stat = $hget(PeakStats,$+( $chan ,., $network )
  msg $chan On $date($gettok(%peak.stat,2,32),mmm dd yyyy) $+ , there were $gettok(%peak.stat,1,32) users in $chan $+ !

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