In the on text event, it's missing an evaluation of the variable to get not the variable's name, but it's value:

on *:text:!peak:#yourchan,#anotherchan,...: {
  var %val = $($+(%,peak.,$chan),2)
  msg $chan On $date($gettok(%val,2,32),mmm dd yyyy) $+ , there were $gettok(%val,1,32) users in $chan $+ !

To format the output of the date/time, check:
/help $asctime

e.g: $asctime($gettok(%val,2,32),mmmm dd yyyy - hh:nn:ss tt) will return something like "July 07 2007 - 08:21:28 am"
... $date can be used as well, sure smile

Edit: And I wonder why you don't use Riamus2's nice hash based code...

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