Yes, you are correct, LonDart. I have to wait for the server to prompt me for my login info. Then, I can use the /login username password and it will automatically change my username to what is registered in the db.

Everything seems to work fine, except, i'm just a bit confused on that response_text_here part that you mentioned...

What part of the response text do I type in there? The "You didn't specify a password" or the "Login Failed. Please use /LOGIN <nickname> <password> to gain access." part?

Also, do you have any idea why there is about a 10 second pause between the following two lines or how to fix it?:

[18:02] *** Found your hostname
*pauses for about 10 seconds here*
[18:02] *** No Ident response
*the rest of server response....*

I really appreciate all the help so far.

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