Well, it's not simple for me since I have no idea how it supposed to look like but it's probably easy as pie for you guys. I just need some examples to go by. smile

I'm just wondering about a few things:

1) how to make a script so it automatically connects me to a particular server, and join a channel with a specified username.

2) a script to connect me to a new server (without exiting the previous) and with a new/different alias. I need to join a total of 3 or 4 different servers.

3) also, a particular server requires me to login using the following command: /login username password. and make it join a particular channel, again, of course. no need to change nick for this one as it automatically does it for me when I identify.

thanks for any help. smile

Also, how to run the script so I open mIRC and it does everything automatically with a click of a button or so.

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