Bingo. Just what I was looking for. Thank you.

Now i'm still having problems. And quite frankly, I don't have the patience for this.

Under what script tab do I work under? I was using the Popups one but that seems kinda awkward. Under Remote maybe, or another one? And how exactly do I run the script when I first open mIRC? I looked through the FAQs and couldn't find info on how to run it.

Can you please give me a example for me to work with? I feel I can learn it better by example rather than trying to sit here for hours trying to make it work. I will outline what I want to do:

-connect to server on port 55000

when I connect to this particular server, it will then ask me to identify with the '/login username password' command. So please tell me how to fit this in the script. I tried it but it just ignored the command. I'm probably doing something wrong here and don't realize what.

- join channel #BLAH.

-open a NEW server window and connect to on port 6667

-change my nick to Invy if it's not already.

-join two channels on this server: #utorrent and #sportbit.

That's it. Pretty simple stuff. I mostly need to know how to successfully identify in #1, and how to make the transition to a new server window. From here, I can go by the example and connect to the rest of the servers that I need to connect to. Then i'll be satisified.

I'd appreciate any more help.