All scripts can be done in just the Remotes window. You *can* put aliases in the aliases tab and popups (menus) in the popups tab, but it isn't necessary.

To create a new window, use /server -m ... the -m makes a new window.

To access things in the help file, you'd use stuff like:

/help on connect
/help /server
/help on start

on START will start things when you start mIRC. on CONNECT will do stuff when you connect to a network. Examples are in the help file.

An example is:

on *:START: {
  server 6667 -i nick -j #chan,#chan
  server -m 6667 -i nick -j #chan,#chan

on *:CONNECT: {
  if ($network == network1) {
    login password stuff
  elseif ($network == network2) {
    Do something if needed

Invision Support
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