sorry for the delay in responding, waterlines freezing is not any fun frown

Got the Getting data to work, which is nice. I see your point about the trigger pulling the info. This is working wonderfully.

Few more things to ask of you. Is there a way to add commas to the Networth output? So it doesn't all run together.

888: country name 03§ Land: 17220 03§ NetWorth: 46996633 03§ removed 03§ H 03§ 1

Can I just move the parts of this line:

hadd NewGameData $gettok(%temptext,1,32) $gettok($gettok(%temptext,2-,32),1,40) 03§ Land: $1 03§ NetWorth: $2 03§ $iif($5,$3 03§ $4 03§ $5,03§ $3 03§ $4)
To make the output more like:

0Oh My Gosh (#212) Communism Rank: 21 Networth: 637,594 Land: 3191 Tag: GDI: 0

Can the Rank be added to the script you wrote? The Rank is what ever line that country is on. 1 top - whatever at the bottom.

Thank you