To have it display "Getting Data," just add a line below this:
alias GameData {

After that line, insert:
msg #yourchannel Getting Data...

If you want it to also say "Done," then edit this line:
    if (!%temptext) { hsave NewGameData $+(",$scriptdir\NewGameData.hsh") | halt }

Make it like this:
    if (!%temptext) { hsave NewGameData $+(",$scriptdir\NewGameData.hsh") | msg #yourchannel Done. | halt }

Just replace #yourchannel with the channel name.

As for having it download based on the triggers, that will affect your !cpwho command. If people are using it regularly, then that will make the data be the same for both old and new almost all of the time unless the data is changing every few minutes on the site. Also, you can make it download more often than once and hour if you think that's an issue. Personally, I wouldn't make the triggers cause it to download something. If I were you, I'd find out how often the data on the site changes (if it's a regular interval) or else find out the average amount of time between changes (if it's not a regular interval). Then I would have it download data a little bit after that change.

For example, if the site updated every 30 minutes (every time the minute hand is on the 6 and the 12), then I'd have your script update every 30 minutes (every time the minute hand is on the 7 and 1). That would keep it updated regularly with the site for you. To do that would mean starting the timer at the right time and setting it to the right interval, of course.

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