I was wondering how hard it would be to grab info from a website that list game news as a .txt file, but the info in the text file changes names at random times.

I would also like to be able to do a trigger like !who #### to display the info in mirc.

example of the txt file:

106 Toast (#106) 100 4717 Clan M 0

## Name ### land Networth Clan Government 0=N 1=Y

The government would change letters and there would be 8 in total, each one has a different letter representing them. The clan would also be different.

Would it also be possible to save the file, then the next time it polls the .txt file be able to compare any differences in them. Like say the land changed, could I trigger with !cpwho ####?
Then show what had changed and by what amount?

Thank you for your time.