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I would far from class this as putting alot commands on one line (something which is backwards to do) you merely instruct the parser to start looping on one line.

What I meant by that is that you are putting all the variables and increment/decrement on a single line. As a while, it would look similar to:

var %c = 1, %i = 10 | while (%c <= i) { inc %i
  do stuff

Granted, that's really ugly, but it is just an example of what I meant by putting a lot of stuff on one line rather than separating it. And it is actually not very much longer than the for line (basically just the while included makes it longer -- or the length of while mixed with including var).

That example should do what the for would do EXCEPT that it would increment before doing the commands, rather than after. Of course, you can "fix" that from being a problem by using variables that are set to 0 and 9 (1 less). Yes, that's more troublesome, but it's just to illustrate my point.

As I have said, I don't care if FOR is added. I don't personally see a need for it, but it won't hurt me any if it is added for those who prefer it to using WHILE.

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