can be even simpler :P

$iif(2 // number,EVEN,ODD)
$iif(number & 1,ODD,EVEN)

edit: lol qwerty, great minds... ;O

anyway, if this for loop functionality was added it definitely shouldn't be in the form of an identifier. think of trying to use $findfile() to perform a series of commands, it's a pain, you'd have to use workarounds like another alias.. or /scon or /scid and then youd have to worry about escaping everything.. it all becomes messy

if it's ever added, the way that would be most suitable, imo, would be:

for (%i = 1, %i < 10, inc %i) {

as an example. inc %i could become %i ++ depending on how it would be implemented. of course this resembles a while loop, but can be used in cases where the condition need not be re-evaluated each iteration

but as an identifier? no thanks ;S

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