there have been a few threads about this problem, one of which was mine.

the thing that's causing this is installing the Asian Languages support in windows. as soon as you install that you loose the nice square boxes entirely and they are replaced by other characters. worst thing of this is that the underline character doesn't even show.

with the new UTF-8 support it shows a white space but in 6.16 it didn't even show at all.

it's not a problem you can overcome I'm affraid :-[

I used to use the boxes as a character when scripting alot (for instance at a winamp script for the 'stop' button) but I can no longer use them :-[

it would be nice if khaled came up with a new idea on how to parse these characters to put something with more meaning instead of characters which depend on the settings you use...

If it ain't broken, don't fix it!