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Posted By: MRN Font problem with a new PC (laptop) and new mIRC - 06/05/06 02:57 PM
I'm still using mIRC 5.91 on my main PC, and in the editor there I got black boxes when typing in ctrl+b and such strange characters.

On my new PC, however, it's a stange "hook" which I don't like at all. Both are Fixedsys as font, but could it have something to do with UTF?

I want back those nice, black boxes! smile

(The black boxes is when Windows can't display that character, it seems.)
Does this happen when you use a version of mIRC that isn't horribly outdated?

Try getting a version from this decade here: http://www.mirc.com/get.html

Posted By: MRN Re: Font problem with a new PC and new mIRC - 07/05/06 05:27 AM
mIRC 5.91 shows black boxes - just what I want.
mIRC 6.17 doesn't show black boxes - I want the black boxes.

Maybe two screenshots will help?
My mIRC 6.17 shows the black boxes for characters that aren't displayable in the current font. Maybe it is a windows setting that lets you choose which character will represent those characters.

Posted By: MRN Re: Font problem with a new PC and new mIRC - 07/05/06 08:18 AM
Yes, I'm thinking along those lines too. But how do I fix that?

Control Panel -> Font doesn't helped me much...

Any suggestions, please? smile
Posted By: Rounin Re: Font problem with a new PC and new mIRC - 07/05/06 06:17 PM
It almost sounds like the problem's with your fixedsys font rather than with mIRC. Have you tried moving the font from your laptop and over to your other PC?

It could be caused by UTF-8 support, but probably only if you're using it.
there have been a few threads about this problem, one of which was mine.

the thing that's causing this is installing the Asian Languages support in windows. as soon as you install that you loose the nice square boxes entirely and they are replaced by other characters. worst thing of this is that the underline character doesn't even show.

with the new UTF-8 support it shows a white space but in 6.16 it didn't even show at all.

it's not a problem you can overcome I'm affraid :-[

I used to use the boxes as a character when scripting alot (for instance at a winamp script for the 'stop' button) but I can no longer use them :-[

it would be nice if khaled came up with a new idea on how to parse these characters to put something with more meaning instead of characters which depend on the settings you use...
Perhaps these characters didn't exist in all code pages to begin with though?

At any rate, I'm sure there are similar boxes in Unicode, if you're willing to rely on UTF-8 for your scripts to display correctly.
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