Here I am with the ended code. This code does not needs dll and is fast enough for my purposes. It is a simple alias that return $true if the hostname/ip replies to the ping, and $false if not.

alias icmp {
  var %t = $ticks
  var %wsh = wsh $+ %t
  .comopen %wsh wscript.shell
  .comclose %wsh $com(%wsh,run,1,bstr*,% $+ comspec% /c ping $1 >ping $+ %t $+ .txt,uint,0,bool,true)
  var %res = $read(ping $+ %t $+ .txt,$calc($lines(ping $+ %t $+ .txt) - 2))
  var %r = $iif($remove($gettok(%res,$calc($numtok(%res,32) - 1),32),$chr(40),$chr(37)) < 100,$true,$false)
  .remove ping $+ %t $+ .txt
  return %r

Ok, to use this script, simply put it in your remotes and where u want to use it (i.e. an alias called "test"), simply write somtin' like this:

alias test {
  icmp www.google.com
  echo -a * $result

Very very simple smile
U have to wait from 1 to 20 seconds to get the result, it is normal ^__^

Thanks u guys, really smile