Hey... u 2... stop it now! laugh make peace and stay calm :tongue:
thanks to you now I post a simple code to get in mirc the result of a ICMP ping:

alias icmp {
var %wsh = wsh $+ $ticks
.comopen %wsh wscript.shell
.comclose %wsh $com(%wsh,run,1,bstr*,% $+ comspec% /c ping $1 >ping.txt,uint,0,bool,true)
echo -a * $read(ping.txt,$calc($lines(ping.txt) - 2))
.remove ping.txt

Simply digit /icmp www.google.com
Now it works, but maybe i can add a little control to give as result $true if the server has replied a packet or more, or $false if the hostneme has not replyed at all. Suggestions, comments r wellcome smile