This is a forum to help people with specific problems, it's not like he's going to release an addon, it looks like a clear case of a user specific problem, which doesn't need universal solutions. Not saying universal solutions aren't good, in fact they are preferable, but I wouldn't know why I shouldn't be able to post workarounds that don't require a DLL.

When posting code, there might always be compatibility issues, whether due to mIRC itsself, or the OS. That doesn't mean solutions may not be posted. If so I should have never released any code using COM, because it either relies on having a certain version of IE installed, WMI installed, mIRC 6.16 (due to $comval) etc.

Your DLL has more compatibility issues than my COM solution, as people actually need to download your DLL, whilst ping.exe is already on everyone's Windows OS.

I think it's great you made that DLL, but don't give me comments like "good luck parsing..." when I give other solutions.