I'm sorry i had a feeling i wasnt being super clears and was missleading i got a quote script that gets a quote from quotes.txt but what i want is to see all the quotes in the text file without opening the text file its self like i know $read(quotes.txt) will sow the last line and $lines(quotes.txt) will show how many lines but what i want is like on trigger !quotelist it will send me a notice or msg with like
1 dfghfligfd
2 lksfhdfhldf
3 ldfkjgdl;f
4 lgfbjhfkjd
5 ldfjlkf
and so on other the just the first or last or random line even so basicly i want to !quote list and have it show me all the quotes in the txt file in a msg or notice
i dont need a whole script i just need the command like
on *:TEXT:!quotelist*:#: {
  if ($nick isop #) {
   msg $nick Quote list. [color:red]i need this right here?[/color](quotes.txt)