woa thats an odd code ... and ini's are iffy any back to the old code sorry about that i was miss reading andy's code... heres the correct tested /timer version of his hash script

On @*:Join:#: {
if ($hfind(akick,$nick)) { timer 1 45 //kick $chan $v1 45 second kick. }

On @*:Text:!annoy:#: {
var %x = 1
while (%x <= $hget(akick,0).item) {
.timer 1 %x msg $chan $hget(akick,%x).item
inc %x

On @*:Text:!annoy &:#: {
hadd -zm akick $2
if ($2 ison $chan) { .timer 1 45 //kick $chan $2 Nobody likes you. }

On @*:Text:!unannoy &:#: {
if ($hfind(akick,$2)) hdel akick $2
.timers off

now you see soon as you type to your bot !annoy nicknamehere it will set a timer and be silent for 45 seconds then BOOM IT kicks him then when he/she rejoins it will set another timer 1 45(45 seconds) and kick em again... keep doing it till !unannoy nickname is typed where it says //timers off basically and shuts down the timer and removed from hash script so

also if you want to do something a little extra probably not usefull to you is create a .txt file we will call it example kicklines.txt lets say we have this in the txt file

Get out of this channel uncle joey from full house
You are not accepted in this channel at the moment
Get out of here before I stab you in the eye with a soldering iron

save this kicklines.txt to your HDD... if you want you can script something has simple as a alias to write to the kicklines.ini to add kicklines

alias kickline { write kicklines.txt $$?="Kickline Add:" }

so everytime you type /kickline and press enter it will popup a input box to add a kicklines.txt

then... now back to the script since you got your kicklines.txt created you can use it for this

if ($2 ison $chan) { .timer 1 45 //kick $chan $2 $read(kicklines.txt) }

it will randomly pick a phrase you wrote to playback when person is kicked

--- Cheers.

if $reality > $fiction { set %sanity Sane }
Else { echo -a *voices* }