never mind it was user error confused if you could still tell me how to get it to read a whole text file and notice it other then just one line i would greatly appreciate it

hmm.. im not sure i quite understand what you exactly mean..

add a line to one of the scripts to notice after kick example

your text file lets name it kicks.txt has this in it

You truly are beyond the shadow of a doubt the most pothetic person to walk gods green earth. You're now being "annoyed".

and so fourth

you can add a line after the kick in the script

.notice $nick $read(kicks.txt)

which will notice the user a line from kicks.txt now... im not sure what you meant by "WHOLE" txt file if you meant you want more then one line keep in mind you'd be flooding the poor guy in no time.

however if you want multi notices none the less you can setup something like this in your text file

1 You are Lame-
2 Truly lame
3 Very lame
4 Extraordinary Lame
5 I give up...

.notice $nick $read(kicks.txt, w, *1*)
.notice $nick $read(kicks.txt, w, *3*)
.notice $nick $read(kicks.txt, w, *4*)

so it will notice him You are Lame, Very Lame, Extraordinary Lame..

Bleh.. if its not exactly what you want download that program steffy was talking about to use mirc .hlp files with Linux with program Wine

Or go to library and print out the mirc.hlp file... it will be your scripting bible

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