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Changing mIRC options through a DLL... Developers 19/01/07 07:55 PM
Undernet's cservice and its email requirements... General Discussion 01/01/07 06:12 PM
$var().secs and $ibl().secs or similar Feature Suggestions 28/12/06 11:05 PM
/!$command inside if-else/while statements Bug Reports 21/12/06 09:50 AM
/loadbuf, /filter and line colours Feature Suggestions 04/02/04 02:55 PM
$window().state and grouped/collapsed windows Feature Suggestions 29/01/04 09:27 PM
/echo won't target finished DCC CHAT windows Bug Reports 21/01/04 04:53 AM
Favorites' "Minimize on join" doesn't work Bug Reports 15/01/04 02:32 AM
Highlight exceptions list Feature Suggestions 29/12/03 02:33 AM
/tnick inconsistency and alternative nicks Bug Reports 05/12/03 04:32 PM
The '.' command prefix Feature Suggestions 01/12/03 10:12 AM
CTCP event not handling REGEX correctly Bug Reports 27/10/03 08:28 PM
$isupport() instead of $modespl, $prefix etc. Feature Suggestions 25/10/03 12:46 AM
Named dialog IDs Feature Suggestions 21/10/03 02:39 PM
My mouse wheel behaves insanely on mIRC 6.1 Bug Reports 18/09/03 11:53 AM
REGEX help - highlight parser, \b and more Developers 13/09/03 04:41 PM